Announcing: Ideas Unleashed!

Co-founders Stever Robbins and M.G. Lee are proud to announce the launch of a new business, Ideas Unleashed, a company that helps smart, connected people build education businesses that bring their ideas to the world.

The rise of the internet has changed the business model for high-quality content creators. Idea creators—authors, speakers, consultants, and academics— who once made money from being experts now find that their past markets are drying up. In the internet age, making a living wage writing, for example, requires grinding out mindless blog articles at a fraction of the pay. It’s not much better for the consumers. High-quality content is harder to find as the internet is flooded by the most skillful marketers, who rarely have the highest quality messages.

There’s a bright side. For people whose information can be applied in a practical, “how-to” manner, the internet gives the opportunity to distribute their knowledge online as classes, ebooks, webinars, mastermind groups, teleclasses, and so on.

Turning expertise into a business requires a host of skills: curriculum design, website creation, list building, e-commerce, customer service, running product launches, and marketing analytics. It takes time to learn all this and pull it together, and it takes even more time to manage. Even many experts who know they could benefit from an online business don’t do it because it takes too much time and attention to do right.

The Rembrandts of the world should spend their time painting, not A/B testing their web sites to increase their click-through rates.

Ideas Unleashed partners with content creators to build and run their back-end business. We help develop a content strategy—how their intellectual property can be turned into saleable topics—and then produce and market the information products. We manage the entire process. Our content partners spend their time focusing on their expertise, and we handle turning the expertise into money.

Find us at to discover all the ways we support thought leaders, and unleash great ideas to the world.