Ideas Unleashed!

We turn audiences into income for smart, connected people.


We’ll Build the Business

Smart, connected people should spend their time immersed in their expertise. They should be able to make a good living, without spending their time on the business.


Bringing Great Ideas to Life

The Internet has “democratized publishing” — but who said publishing should be a democracy? We help people with truly great ideas reach their audience in a way that creates real value.


Our Clients

We work with people who have fantastic ideas and broad reach: experts, authors, consultants, and speakers who have leading-edge content. Our clients have successful businesses, and want to expand their engagement with their audiences through online education. They love their jobs and lives, however, and don’t have the time or desire to build another entire business.

How We Help

Ideas Unleashed turns an expert’s ideas into money. We take on the work and coordination of building a business, so they can spend their time on their creativity and life. We create a partnership that develops curriculum based on their work, and delivers it to their audience in many different formats.

What We Bring To The Table

Content Strategy

We learn an expert’s material and design a saleable curriculum structured around the main idea. We pick the content which will broadcast their message the strongest, and which will directly address the largest market for ideas among their audience.

Content Production

We create information assets for the strategy we’ve designed, including ebooks, webinars, blog posts, white papers, videos, articles, and live events.

Content Management

We compile and organize the expert’s information assets, along with the materials we’ve developed, to make sure it is all released in keeping with the strategy.

Content Marketing

We market the content. We search engine optimize anchor articles, run market tests, manage email lists, create landing pages, and run product launches to translate the curriculum into revenue. We look for opportunities to create affiliate and joint-venture relationships that can lead to additional income.

Executive Management

We oversee and conduct all the phases of the process. We make sure the tactics align with the strategy, and that all contact with the expert’s audience is aligned towards building a loyal community. Instead of spending their time hiring, managing, and coordinating a crowd of consultants to carry out these phases and keep them operating in alignment, our partners can spend their time doing what they do best, while Ideas Unleashed does all the coordination.

Our Offerings

The Veranda Partnership

The Veranda Partnership

Authors, speakers and consultants develop great ideas and tremendous expertise. They deliver their expertise in many forms, and the internet provides the opportunity to build passive income by delivering their expertise as online courses, webinars, and eBooks. But building and running the back end of an information business takes a ton of work and endless time, leaving those idea makers with no time to do what they do best– make ideas! That’s where we come in. Our signature arrangement is the Veranda Partnership. The content expert sits on the veranda enjoying life, while we handle the complexity of creating and running their content business behind the scenes.

Our ultimate goal is to become full partners in creating and running the thought leader’s information business. Even if we start working on one specific part of the business, we bring our full capabilities to the table. We are capable of taking on every part of the process for a Veranda Partnership, from creating a strategy to managing the entire operation. In a Veranda Partnership, the only work an expert needs to put in is communicating their brightest ideas and vision for the business, so we can make it happen.

The Book Launch Power-Up

The high energy, high exposure period during the launch of a new book is a potent time for an expert to spread their ideas to the world. But when there are TV spots, interviews and book signings to make all day every day for a month, there’s often no time or energy left at the end of the day to think long term, about creating an ongoing venue for ideas from the book after the launch.

A scaled down version of the Veranda Partnership, the Book Launch Power-Up aims to blast an expert’s content business into liftoff, while they conduct the launch of new book or product.

At Ideas Unleashed, managing the work on in full is our specialty. In this partnership, we arrange to create experts a short term but high-powered sprint of written work and media to sell, directly complimentary to the efforts of the book launch and publishing company. We set up an educational business based on the book, so the audience watching the book launch unfold have a place to go for more ideas directly. And once the Book Launch Power-Up is finished, Ideas Unleashed can continue to run the business, and unleash the ideas!

The Book Launch Power-Up

Who We Are

Stever Robbins

Stever Robbins


Co-founder Stever Robbins has 20 years’ experience developing and delivering extremely high-quality educational content around business, entrepreneurship, and applied cognitive psychology. He co-designed Harvard Business School’s Foundations module, and Babson College’s Social Capital in Career Success. He has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, Investor’s Business Daily, Fast Company, and on CNN-fn, ABC News Now, and FOX News. He has spoken at TEDx and his Get-it-Done Guy podcast has been an iTunes top-10 business podcast since 2007 with over 25 million downloads. He is a graduate of MIT and Harvard Business School.

M.G. Lee

M.G. Lee

Director of Creative Production

Co-founder M.G. Lee moonlights (literally) as a Metro correspondent at the breaking news desk of the Pulitzer Prize-winning Boston Globe, where he has written and reported multiple page-one stories. He has been working with writers and media professionals since he was just 18 years old, including reporting with an award-winning public records investigative journalism company, At Ideas Unleashed, M.G. strives to bring core values of accurate and unbiased journalism to thinkers who want to publish educational content with integrity and style.

Our Mission

We founded Ideas Unleashed because we believe people who have great ideas should be able to bring them to the world.

Experts should rise above the noise. The internet has “democratized publishing.” Everyone can publish, even if they have nothing to say. The high volume of low-quality noise drowns out the top level work being done. We want to help bring the best thinking to a wider audience.

Experts should spend their time striving for new heights, not monitoring web traffic. Bach spent his time composing, not doing A/B testing on email list signup boxes, and the world is far richer for it. Experts should be spending their time pushing the boundaries of excellence, while we handle the nitty-gritty details.

Great ideas should change people’s lives. Thought leaders want to inspire and educate their audience. Ideas Unleashed works to see experts succeed at one of the most important goals, making a difference for others with valuable knowledge.

Experts need to make a living. Rather than just sharing their material for “exposure” (people die of exposure, you know), experts should be able to expect a real income from their hard work. While the internet has driven down the value of information, it has also opened up the ability to create information businesses that make real income from expertise.

Our Values

We are a strongly values-centered company. We believe that having shared values makes it much more fun to work together, and attracts the kind of people we want to work with.

  • Journalistic integrity. We believe that “spin” (which is “spin” for “deliberate deception”) has become all too common. We work with people who care about high quality. We tell the truth as we know it, and we seek to verify our sources and information. We partner with experts who do the same.
  • Strong relationships. We act as partners with each other and with the experts we work with. We are in it for mutual success all the way around. Our emphasis is on a long-term relationship that benefits all of us, not on short-term transactions.
  • Hell, Yes! We work only with “Hell, Yes!!” partners, clients, and affiliates. Life is too short to settle for less.
  • Continuous improvement. We can always do better. We regularly ask ourselves (and those we partner with!) how we’re doing, and improve our skills at every available opportunity. For example, to generate high-quality content, we have adopted editing processes and workflow from a major metropolitan newsroom that must produce hundreds of pages of high-quality writing each night.
  • Respect for ability and results. We respect and honor people for their attitude, commitment, and ability to produce results. We give our people whatever responsibility they can handle, as long as they’re willing to commit to growing into the role. We choose our expert partners on the basis of their ability and results, not their prestige or fame.

Contact Us

If you want to discuss working in partnership, please contact us.